Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ooooo! I Want One!

Is there anything that Catholic Bibliophagist would like more than a new bookcase? How about a bookcase that swings open to reveal a hidden passageway? HT to Jennifer for the link to . Check out their gallery of products. Although you can conceal your secrets behind fireplaces, paintings, or even have your pool table rise up from under the floor, the most common option seems to be bookcases.


Jennifer F. said...

I know, aren't those just the coolest?! I must have one. Also, how great would it be if that were your business, to build secret passageways in homes all day?

Thanks for the link!

Sherwood said...

Looks like they open onto boring stuff like safes, but OURS would of course be secret passageways to magic rooms, or archival chambers that the villains don't know about.

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

How about a secret writing room? Or a place to hide from unwanted visitors? It should have a nice comfy chair, some good books, excellent lighting and a good supply of chocolate.