Sunday, September 28, 2008


This weekend I traveled to Texas to visit Fillius Major, Perfect Daughter-in-Law, and all the grandchildren. Fillius Minor and I stayed in a nearby hotel which had a computer in the lobby for the use of guests. So I decided to quickly log on to my blog. Imagine my surprise when a warning window popped up to inform me that Catholic Bibliophagist was a site with adult or mature content! So now I am racking my brains to figure out what could have triggered their filter.


rhinemouse said...

I think it may be a general Blogspot thing--I remember one time when I was using the public internet in an airport, and its filter wouldn't let me access DarwinCatholic. (Strangely, it had no problem with letting me onto LiveJournal.)

Catholic Bibliophagist said...

But it let me read Still Seraphic without any warning -- and she's always making references to Sex and the City.

Darwin said...

It must be Hobbes' explanation of what adult movies are about: "Oh, you know: Paying bills, personal responsibility, work."