Monday, December 1, 2008

Advent Calendar for Little Bibliophiles

One of the things I like about my parish is that every so often they'll permit Catholic booksellers to display their wares outside the church for people to browse through after Mass. This makes Catholic Bibliophagist very happy because no matter how many mail order catalogs she receives in the mail, there is nothing like flipping through an actual copy of a book to help her decide whether or not to buy it. (This is especially true for children's books. Sometimes a nicely illustrated picture book is spoiled by a really lame rhyming text.)

Here is a picture of an Advent calendar which I bought for my grandchildren who already show signs of becoming bibliophibians. Inside are twenty-four tiny books (1.5 " x 1.5" -- Ooo, so cute!), one for each day before Christmas starting on December 1st. Each features a Bible story, prayer or song and has a gold cord attached so that they can also serve as Christmas tree ornaments.

I didn't want to rip the shrink wrap off before mailing it, so I haven't actually read the text. (Please don't let it be lame!) But it's got an imprimatur, so there's a sporting chance that at least the content will be okay.


Sherwood said...

One nice thing about kids is that they have the capacity to be forgiving of lame texts if they like the rest of the content. My guess is, unless they are budding H.L. Menckens, tiny Advent Books will be a big hit.

mrsdarwin said...

Menckens they are not. We will report on text when the small phibians open their treat this evening.

mrsdarwin said...

Each book is a small bit of the salvation story. Dec. 1 was creation; last night was the Fall. They're very cute and the calendar has sweet illustrations.