Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In honor of George Bryan Polivka's high seas adventure novel, The Legend of the Firefish (about which I know nothing except what I've just read on Amazon), D.G.D. Davidson posts the funniest and silliest pirate story ever, The Ballad of Icabod the Scourge.

An’ we all quaked with fear, cuz we saw some o’ the meanest pirates ever in that lot--there was the wicked Gravy Crocket, who was known always to liquefy ‘is food before eatin’ it; next to ‘im was ‘is infamous lady-friend, Madame Puree; and there was also Sojourner Lies, one o’ the nastiest woman pirates on all the high seas, armed to the teeth with two sabers, two pistols, and a knife in each boot; there was also Abraham Lynchin, Napoleon Blowyouapart, Thomas Slobbs, and another woman pirate named Florid Nightingale, who had a beet-red face but could sing like a songbird--right before she cut yer throat!
Be careful, since the decks are awash with blood and puns!

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