Friday, August 17, 2007

Back to the Future

Today I was unpacking the paperback fantasy and science fiction. My goodness, some of these are old! The cover prices on these are twenty-five to thirty-five cents.

(I bought these used, of course. I'm not that old! )

I am charmed by the cover art . As usual, it has almost nothing to do with the contents of the novel, a tradition upheld by many publishers even unto the present day.

Handling these and others in my collection brought back many memories of the future as it used to exist. It was a hopeful place by and large.

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rhinemouse said...

A week or two ago, some friends and I all went to Powell's bookstore. When we were all showing off our loot afterwards, I proudly displayed a vintage hardcover with a set of mostly-naked young people paddling about in the water.

"Those people are naked," said my friends. "What kind of book is that?"

"It's fantasy," I explained.

"Ah," they said knowingly.